Don’t you love it when you see or walk in a room and you get the immediate ‘gasp’ factor? That feeling like you’re destined to exist right there, in that very room, every day forever and a day. I decided that this was my ultimate goal when creating our home, sweet home; A home that speaks to both mine & L’s style and sensibilities with a feeling of ‘just right-ness’.

Sounds simple enough right? For us, not so much. For me, I’m a lover of many styles, Scandi-yes please; Boho-vibe- adore; Classic Glam-divine; Minimalist- give me more. For L, he knows exactly what he doesn’t want, but not exactly sure of what he does want. So our starting point was pretty broad to say the least, with the only specific things being that we didn’t want a leather sofa (a topic for another blog) and for any of our sofas be white (because we now have a baby that will probably spew all over it LOL).

So before I set off to find us a non-leather; non-white sofa I decided to first try and figure out the overall style we were going for. If you’re anything like me and you’re saying ‘yes!’ nodding your head in agreement with what you’ve read so far, then I thought I would share some tips on how we figured out the aesthetic for our home, that may help you better define your style.

  • Find that feeling: L and I talked about how we wanted to feel in our home. It was important for us that the home feel warm, relaxed but also young, vibrant and a little bold. What vibe are you going for?
  • Find your heart’s desire: Often if someone asks me what my style is, I can’t really describe it. I can only ever put it as – I love, what I love and this is exactly where I started. So L and I created a pinterest board together and we scoured pinterest; Instagram; blogs and collected all the images of our favourite rooms. We didn’t over-analyse the looks, we just pinned our little hearts out. What looks sing love songs to you?
  • Pick a favourite: Next I printed out our collection of images (I’m old-school like that) and grouped them based on similarities, on colour scheme; style/genre; focal points etc. and based on the number of images alone per category it started to become more obvious the kind of look we gravitated towards. I did this for every room, taking into consideration what colour schemes and overall look represented how we wanted our home to feel and we started to cull the type of look we wanted. What can’t you live without?
  • It’s all in the detail: Once we picked our favourite looks, we broke down what it was that we liked about each room, I looked at how different elements worked together, starting with the elements which take up the most visual weight of the room and how I might want to incorporate or even replicate in our home design, What are your specific must-haves about the following:
    • Stand-out/WOW features
    • Flooring choices
    • Overall colour palette and colour combinations
    • Room Lay-out and focal point
    • Textures, shapes and lines used whether this was in the choice of furniture; artwork; lighting etc.
    • Furniture choices
    • Artwork
    • Lighting
    • Soft furnishings
  • Build a plan: Once we had a strong sense of the overall style we wanted, from there we began to plan out each room. I had my ‘hero’ images for inspiration but also listed out key elements I wanted for each room. What I also found super helpful was as I pinned images, I took note of any suppliers/brands which I liked so I could revisit once I was looking to line up works or ready to browse/purchase furniture etc. It was such a great way to discover beautiful and unique furniture/homewares not always available locally or in store.

Whilst I’ve listed the steps above, it was in no way a linear process and our style evolved as we became more confident in what we wanted to achieve. Interestingly, we went from wanting super dark concrete tiles to creamy blonde timber floors; from wanting rich camel leather sofas to grey woven-linen sofas, ultimately, we’ve created an aesthetic that’s just right for us that we absolutely adore. Here are some of the images from my pinterest which inspired our interior style. I hope you can find your style too.





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