I can’t tell you just how excited I am that this day has finally arrived! I’m currently sitting at the Qantas business lounge whilst the hubby is taking baby girl around the place scoping out the free booze and food. I’m enjoying a lovely Wolf Blass Cab Sav, feeling a little La-Di-Da. So far, our little Harley bear has been so good, it’s getting to be passed her bed time but since she’s in new surroundings, it seems to be distracting her long enough from the tiredness. We board at 8:25pm and I’m waiting to give her bottle until take off to help with equalising her ears so I hope she can hold off until then.

We seriously over packed, but I swear I rationalised every item and I found very good reasons to bring all 57kgs worth of luggage between the three of us. I said to myself, do I really need to bring 96 nappies? And my response was, ‘yes the last thing you want is to waste time shopping for nappies’.

Anyways, I better stop my rambling now as we’re off to board our flight and we have to FaceTime with the grandparents before we get on.

So I’ll aim to update on our travels here. Our first overseas trip with our 10 month old. Hoping she sleeps well on the flight! Woot woo. First stop Malta.