The last I blogged we were at our stopover in Larnaca on the way to Malta. Harley managed to get some more sleep but by that time she was so tired and ordinarily would be down for her night sleep so she was a little unsettled on this leg of the flight.

After 10 hours from Dubai, Dubai to Larnaca, we finally landed in Malta. We were so excited to be welcomed with beautiful and sunny weather and not a cloud in the sky. Summer perfection. We picked up our rental car and made our way to the Westin Dragonara at St Julian’s. As we drove along, we saw a motorcade of cars driving along, with flags and people literally hanging out of the windows in celebration. We later found out that they were celebrating Labour’s win at the election result from the day before. I can’t ever imagine anyone in Australia driving around with so much enthusiasm over a Labour win or any political party for that matter really.

Our hotel was only a short drive from the airport, well I guess anywhere on the island would be a short drive, considering how small Malta is. As we drove along, I felt a sense of familiarity despite never being to Malta before, perhaps it’s because all the signs are in English but I’m not really sure why. We arrived to our hotel in less than 10 mins.

Once we checked into our hotel we decided to put Harley down for a nap so that we could go out for to dinner. We settled in to our new digs, showered, re-hydrated with a plan to sleep from 5-6:30pm then get ready for dinner. My alarm went off a few times and I snoozed until I unknowingly turned off my alarm but later woke up at 8pm. In our haze of exhaustion and with Harley still fast asleep, we decided to just sleep for the night so we could all catch up on some much needed rest.
With jet lag playing havoc, our day started at 5:35am this morning when Harley woke up for her morning bottle, although Lionel and I had already been awake on and off since 2am. We prepared for the day and walked around the sleepy streets of St Julian’s by 7:45am looking for breakfast and for a money changer and we soon found out that most banks/money changers don’t open until 9-9:30am so with only AU dollars to hand we had to withdraw from the ATM, which we generally don’t like to do because of the exorbitant fees and not so great exchange rate. At least we managed to find a little place that sold fresh pastizzies and coffee next door. We ate our delicious m breakfast on the go, as we looked for a tourist office to book our day trip to Comino.

We stumbled upon a tourist office as the lady was unlocking the door. She gave us a warm welcome and as it was such a beautiful day, we decided to do the day trip to Comino, Blue Lagoon that same day with Supreme Cruises which cost 20ā‚¬ each including pick up/drop off at the hotel; cruise to Comino and lunch on the boat. After we made our booking we made our way back to the hotel waiting until our pick up time.

We are now on the cruise boat waiting for our ship to set sail. We’ve been waiting for about an hour, but that suits us as we’ve managed to get baby girl to fall asleep for her first nap of the day whilst we enjoy this beautiful sun and perfectly warm weather.

I’m so proud of our teamwork so far, and it helps when you have a co-operative little munchkin. Let’s hope she keeps it up for the rest of the trip.