Travelling long distances is always a struggle, but this was our first time travelling with a baby. Our first leg from Sydney to Dubai was long and exhausting.

We had a plan, one of us would sleep for the first half and the other for the second, so that at least one of us had Harley and the other could get some much needed shut-eye. Little miss, slept beautifully and I was so proud, lovingly watching her sleep in this super cramped bassinet. She just fit, so she looked snug but peaceful. Lionel was fast asleep and I sat watching the monitor in front telling us the distance until our destination and local time. It was 10:15pm and I was ready for a smooth flight ahead, as my two loves slept restfully, I hoped Harley would sleep for her usual 12-13 hours.

I thought about joining them seeing as how Harley was sleeping so soundly, but once in a while she would do these random jerks and I’d be on alert for the settle. So for about 5 hours I debated with myself if I should sleep, closing my eyes once in a while but never getting into deep enough sleep for it to count.

In the end, Harley decided for me and she roused after about 6 hours of sleep but thankfully I was able to settle her back to sleep within a couple of minutes. I took that moment for a comfort break so I handed our sound asleep bubba to Lionel to put back in the bassinet. Five minutes later, I return to find Harley wide-eyed with daddy smiling and giggling and I thought ‘uh-oh we’re screwed’. Fortunately, whilst she was awake she wasn’t tired and cranky, but she was hyper aware, acting like she’d drank too much coffee. It falso happened to be that time in the morning where it seemed everyone wanted to use the bathroom and we were right near the entrance of it, so Harley became intent on checking out every person wanting to use the lavatory. The monitor was also right above her bassinet so as it changed from picture to picture the brightness of the screen would constantly amaze her. Lionel tried to get her back to sleep whilst I tried to sleep. Every once in a while I copped a baby slap to the face and a babble call ‘mamamamma’ from my munchkin so it was hard to get to sleep despite being dead tired and it being 5am in the morning Sydney time. I took over and with a very determined rock and ‘ssshusshh’ she lulled back to sleep. I attempted to put her in the bassinet a few times where she woke up each time, so I resigned to having her sleep in my arms, taking me back to the newborn days. I watched her, shitting myself that she’d wake up at any moment, as I looked at Lionel fast asleep not so lovingly anymore (haha) as sleep continued to elude me.

Harley thankfully slept until 7:30am in the morning. She woke, cheerful and friendly with other passengers and flight attendants. We’re so lucky she’s such a chilled out baby and nothing seemed to phase her even as we landed.

When we arrived in Dubai, it was 5:10am local time, (I think 11:10am Sydney time?) we had to get our connecting flight to Malta and as we were both half asleep, finding the baby room and hot water for her bottle seriously felt like an impossible feat at the massive Dubai airport. In my sleep deprived state I even managed to make a fresh bottle and then tip it all out shortly after, mindlessly emptying it along with all of Harley used bottles to sterilise them. By that stage Harley was long overdue due for her first nap and bottle but still quiet as a mouse, happy in her carrier. Daddy still had a little steam in him, mum on the other hand was over it. I was tantrum-ing, doing tired cries on the inside…. Who’s the baby again?

We finally boarded our flight to Malta and we all got at least a couple of hours sleep. We had a short stopover in Larnaca in Cyprus where we stayed on the plane. The flight attendants and some other passengers gathered around Harley as she charmed them with her high fives, smiles and cuddles.

We just took off to go to Malta. It will be 2pm local time when we arrive, I think 9pm Sydney time, so it will be interesting to see how we keep Harley awake even though she will probably feel the pull of sleep.

So far our trip has been quite an adventure and we haven’t really been off the plane or out of the airport. I’m so excited to see Malta with my loves.