Just before 11am, after waiting for almost an hour and half on the boat, we finally started cruising to Comino, Blue Lagoon. Lionel and I both get terrible motion sickness so we had our travelcalm first thing in the morning and another dose right before we took off. Thankfully we were both fine, and the journey was smooth sailing.

Harley sat in daddy’s lap in the carrier, calm and content while charming the other passengers. We had so many people on the boat coming up to us to play with Harley, I especially enjoyed the Non-English speaking Italians, because even though We couldn’t understand what they’re saying I could really see their delight over Harley. On a side note, I’ve also noticed people are so friendly here in general, I don’t know if that’s just because we have a baby with us or if it’s just the way it is but either way we’re really enjoying the warm welcomes.

So back to our day trip to Comino… Once we started cruising it took 1.5-2 hours to arrive. The crystal blue waters were just stunning, so calm and inviting. Lunch was served on arrival which consisted of cold pasta /pasta salads, nothing to rave about but it did the job. We headed off the boat to walk up and over the rocky hills to get to the Blue Lagoon bay.

We expected that this would be a main tourist attraction and we’ve been to our fair share of touristy landmarks but nothing prepared us for just how crowded it was in such a small space. There wasn’t much beach real estate and I’m not sure they even call it a beach per say. We managed to get a couple of deck chairs with umbrella for 20€. The music was blaring, people dancing, drinking pineapple cocktails; whilst others napped; there was an excitable buzz of many people.

We only saw a small handful of people with small children and I must admit it isn’t the most family friendly area, as there isn’t much room to put bubba down or much sand to play with. You also had to go down some fairly steep and rocky steps to get the ‘beach’ area. Having said that the crystal blue water was shallow and still, so Harley enjoyed being in the water inside her floatie as we cooled off from the hot summer sun.

I can’t say it was exactly relaxing just because of the sheer amount of people, but seeing that beautiful water with our baby girl enjoying herself was such a treat. We stayed for a couple of hours, and headed back to the boat as after the long boat ride and being in the sun and water, Harley just about lost her mind by the end of the day.

I rocked baby girl to sleep and she slept in her Daddy’s arms for the 2 hour trip back, whilst Daddy so caring, let mummy have a sleep too. We got back to the hotel around 7:30pm and despite having had our naps on the boat we were all just too exhausted so we ordered room service for dinner and called it a night.

We sat on our balcony enjoying our amazing view ready for a nice restorative sleep.