Today was a stunner of a day, so it was a perfect day for a drive around the island and ofcourse to check out the beautiful crystal waters of Malta’s bays/beaches

We made our way to Ghajdn Tuffiena beach as we read that this beach was less crowded than others, but still easily accessible and with amenities for convenience. With only the Blue Lagoon to compare it too, it was certainly less crowded and had a more relaxed vibe. Parking was full in the immediate vicinity of the beach, but about a 5-10 minute walk there was a vacant block of land where a guy standing at the entrance charged 2.50€ for all day parking.

There’s a long concrete stairway down to the beach and the views from the top are beautiful. The sand was almost orange and the water whilst a little cloudy today, was lovely to swim in and Harley enjoyed sitting in her floatie splashing about in the water and playing in the sand. We stayed for a couple of hours and left in time to get Harley to drink a bottle and have a nap in the car. This beach had a restaurant/bar which had toilets that could be used by all beach go-ers not just patrons of the restaurant itself which was handy for us as we sorted Harley out.

Once in the car, we decided to explore the island some more to scope out the next beach we wanted to spend time in and to also see different parts of the island.

We drove to the neighbouring Golden bay, it was beautiful, accessible and with great amenities but it was super crowded. It’s also situated next to the Raddison so it felt like there was sunbed after sunbed.

So we drove on and stumbled upon Popeyes village, we thought about visiting but as Harley was fast asleep in the car we decided to just admire the film set and the amazing waters from the the top of a cliff opposite the village. We also drove off onto an unpaved path which took us to a concrete jetty where people were sunbathing at the top of the bay in front of the village. I wanted to get onto the jetty but the only way to get on there was to walk across a part of the jetty which was covered in slippery moss where the waves crashed, otherwise you could go down the steps into the water and swim to the other part of the jetty. We thought about taking Harley in her floatie, but we didn’t want to take the risk despite the water being mostly calm.

We kept driving along not really having a particular destination in mind, so we followed the main roads and found ourselves at Paradise Bay. Beautiful crystal blue waters are concealed down the hill and as you make your way down and around the corner of the carpark, down the steps again, a beautiful bay is revealed. There was a small sandy area and whilst the water was calm and shallow, the entry into the water was very rocky, so it would have been handy if we had our wet shoes.

We decided to drive on to check out some other beaches and got to see just how beautiful Malta is, going through little towns and along the coastline and seeing homes which had the water for their back yard or right at their door step. We drove through the centre of the island where it felt like we were surrounded by hills and beautiful blue sky. We found ourselves driving through a long bumpy road that took us through a campsite and at the end to a caravan park then around onto Armier and Little Armier Bay. Armier Bay looked like it was a beach enjoyed by the locals with little houses lining the streets across the road from the beach.

As Harley was still napping we decided to make our way back to Paradise Bay, to have late lunch/early dinner once she woke up. We managed to get perfect parking as people started leaving at around 4ish. We ordered the calamari fritti and full rack of pork ribs. The calamari was cooked beautifully and the pork ribs fell off the bone. We were just missing sauce, more sauce please! Harley tried fries and icecream for the first time and absolutely couldn’t get enough of either.

We decided to call it a day, drove back to our hotel and came to a halt right before Melleiha Bay where traffic was at a stand still. We’re not sure if there was an accident or if this is the usual peak hour traffic, it was around 6:30pm in the evening. We moved slowly and as we drove past Melleiha Bay, we figured the congestion must have been from all the beach goers that day, leaving to go home. There were also multiple detours on the way back to the hotel so the drive took us on a more scenic route.

We put Harley down for the night and we both fell asleep shortly after, we were all knackered from our day in the sun.