Our time in Malta was way too short and I guess it always feels this way just when you’re starting to really fall in love with a place.

We’re sad we didn’t get to go to Gozo or do any sort of historic tours of the island but there was so little time and with Harley in toe we didn’t opt for tours so that we could have as much flexibility as possible.

Today we got out early to spend time at Melleiha Bay which was the largest beach we went to and luckily today it wasn’t so crowded, we got there before 10am, had brunch and enjoyed a couple of hours on the beach. This was a very baby friendly beach, with shallow waters for at least 200m, the sand was the nicest we’ve seen and the amenities, parking were all accessible. It looks like a usually crowded beach but since we arrived early I suspect we missed the mad rush of people.

Once Harley was getting restless, we went back to the hotel and got everything ready for check out. We had an evening flight to Pisa where we would stay the night before heading to Manarola, Cinque Terre. There was only a choice of an 8:30pm flight or a very early morning flight at 4:30am. I die just thinking about having to get up that early so we went with an evening flight and even though we would get in late to Pisa, an overnight stay there would suit me fine instead of waking up before all normal civilised people do.

Whilst waiting for our flight, we decided to hang out at our hotel before making our way to the airport. We swam at the hotel swimming pool and luckily they had outdoor showers where we did a quick rinse before going to the airport.

Our flight was with Ryanair and it was delayed 30 mins which in Harley time- at this hour of an evening, it can be the difference between a happy angel Harley cooperating with going sleep or a cranky baby monster unable to find her sleep. Whilst waiting around for our flight to finally board, Harley was pretty happy to smile and wave at random passengers so we were very relieved. We managed to get her to sleep as the plane took off at 9:30pm. We arrived shortly before 11pm to Pisa, picked up our baggage with no issues and headed for a taxi.

The taxi stand was absolutely full despite being so late at night and there was no order in the line with people jumping the queue with cranky onlookers glaring but not really saying anything, us included. After missing our spot so many times, we just about jumped in front of a taxi and when he saw that we had a baby he helped us straight away. I was so relieved we were finally going to our hotel, as Harley woke up as we were waiting and she was so tired I couldn’t wait to get her settled at the hotel. Anyway, my relief was short lived as I suffered several minor heart attacks as our crazy taxi driver sped through Pisa like he was a driver in the Fast and Furious.

Our accommodation was approximately 18 mins away and I swear it felt like we got there in 5 mins. There were times he was driving 120km/hour in what looked like a 60km/hour speed zone. I was white knuckling the door handle and kept pressing my foot down on the imaginary break. We nearly got into an accident with another car coming from the left side who also seemed to keep going as we were speeding straight ahead. They both broke suddenly and I had whiplash and genuine fear for our lives.

Thank the lord we arrived to or B&B in one piece and I had never been so relieved to be out of a car.

The B&B is called the Villa Tower Inn which thankfully had a 24 hour desk so we were greeted on arrival and shown to our room quickly on the ground floor. Lionel was so relieved as the last thing he wanted to do after a long day was haul up 70kgs+ of luggage and frankly I was ready for him to carry me up also along with Harley.

Our accommodation was quaint, clean and had everything we needed. The bed was a little creaky, but a cot was provided for Harley. There was air conditioning and the bathroom looked newly renovated. We all washed up and passed out.