We woke up the next morning to pack and get everything straightened up before leaving for Paris. We thought about fitting in one last visit to another town, but since Harley decided to have a sleep in and we had a day of commute ahead of us, we just took our time getting ready and grabbed a quick bite before heading to the train station.

Once packed, we made our way down hill to the train station and bought our tickets to Pisa Centrale where we would change trains to Pisa airport for our flight to Paris Orly.

We had also had to change trains from La Spezia to get to Pisa Centrale and as we were warned about Italian trains our train to Pisa was delayed 20 mins. While waiting for our train I fed Harley a bottle and she fell asleep in the carrier, sleeping through the speeding trains and chattering crowds of people waiting on the platform.

Our train finally arrived and it was all stops to Pisa, fortunately Harley stayed asleep as we got on. Lionel had to store our luggage in the shelves above the seat and the bulkiest luggage bag stayed next to us. I’m so paranoid about our luggage being stolen, even though logically someone attempting to steal a 20kg+ bag in broad daylight on a moving train would be unlikely. Nevertheless I was hawk-eye on all of our bags.

Harley woke and socialised with people sitting next to us and in front of us as passengers got on and off. She loves showing that she can clap her hands and do high fives, her sweet smiles and squeals endearing everyone coming into contact with her. I seriously feel my heart swell with so much pride when people comment on what a great traveller she is and how lovely and calm natured she is. We are so lucky that she is such an easy going baby, as we have had very little stress when it comes to her temperament, sleeping and eating during this trip. It’s definitely made me want to have more Harleys that’s for sure.

Our train journey finally over, we arrived in Pisa airport which was absolutely chaotic right from checking in with Easy -jet up until getting to the boarding gate. For an international airport that seems to be highly frequented it’s in need of a serious expansion. The boarding area was a sardine can of people and we literally we shoulder to shoulder until people made way so that Lionel could sit down with Harley in the carrier. Even amongst the chaos Harley was all smiles and enjoyed the meal I fed her as lovely Italian ladies talked to her, played ‘peek-a-boo’ or here it’s ‘cuckoo’. They kept calling her ‘Bellissima’ and ‘bel bambina’ and she was loving every second.

We finally boarded our flight to Paris which was 2 hours, Harley slept for most of it, while I excitedly counted the minutes until we arrived in Paris, one of my favourite cities in the whole world.

Arriving in Paris was certainly a change from the quiet towns of Cinque Terre. There was a buzz in the air and we admired the beautiful architecture as we rode in a taxi to our hotel in the 11th Arrondisiment. The taxi from Paris Orly was a flat 35€ into the city which was good to know before hand. There are random people inside the airport arrival gates offering taxi services and I’ve often wondered are they actually cheaper? Will they rip you off? Or worse will they steal your stuff? I tell myself all these horror stories when I feel threatened with unofficial modes of public transport lol. I’m not even a fan of Uber.

Anyways, I digress. It took about an hour to arrive at our hotel which was the Le General Hotel located in an area where apparently surrounding eats are supposed to be very good. I also loved the boutique feel and interior design of the hotel so it was a visual feast when we entered the lobby.

One of my favourite things about the hotel is that they provide every guest with a cell phone which has unlimited data, local and international calls as well as an app called ‘dring me’ which helps you locate Restraurants, shopping, bakeries and things to do in the area near you or can search using a variety of categories. You can call directly from the app or make bookings. It was so handy. Every hotel should offer a free mobile device with an app like this.

Anyways, after checking into our stunning hotel as it was already 9pm by this time we decided to grab a fast food dinner- KFC near the Republique square and ate in after putting Harley to bed. The other great thing about our room was that we had a separate little lounge area so once we put Harley to bed we didn’t have to sit in the dark listening to her white noise like we had in the previous accommodation. So we got to have some couple talking time and watched a little news whilst we ate dinner. After the sun set after 10pm we went to sleep and crashed on the super comfy bed.