I’m a Sydney-Based blogger and I’ve been in the Banking industry for the majority of my working life, many more years than I’d admit to, not to give away my age so lets say, its 10 years+, shall we. I’ve worked across a number of areas  Sales & Marketing; Product Management & Development; Acquisition & Distribution; Project Delivery & Change Management and Strategy Development.

I enjoy what I do, but I work to live, not live to work and my passions (obsessions) truly lay in the creative space, namely, interior design/decoration but generally beautiful style be it in fashion, product branding, etc. And I just love how I can get a fix for this addiction,  through the amazing images across a range of social platforms but what I love moreso is being able to connect with a fabulous like-minded (addicted) community that I wouldn’t have otherwise had access to.

So here I am, excited about this creative outlet and all that this offers; to be able to connect with a community across the world, to be inspired and to inspire alike. My mission is to share my passion, with a passion and to create unique and fresh content but also to connect you to those who have inspired me.

I hope you enjoy my blog, as much as I know I’ll enjoy creating it.